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To filine your initial Virginia Unemployment Claim go to the VEC website here: http://www.vec.virginia.gov/unemployed/online-services/apply-for-unemplo...


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The Unemployment Help Center, Ltd, represents Virginia Claimants at Unemployment Compensation Hearings and Appeals.  We provide highly experienced Hearings Representatives who can, and will, fight for your Virginia Unemployment Compensation benefits  
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Overview of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Appeals Process
Four steps: Apply for benefits; Initial Determination; Hearing before an Virginia Unemployment Compensation Hearing Officer (Judge); and, Appeal from the Hearing to the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Commission Appeals.
1.         You become separated from your employer.  This means you were:
a.         Terminated (the employer told you not to work)
b.         Quit (you made the decision to stop working for this employer); or,
c.         Laid off for lack of work (the job ended - you could not keep working because there was no more work)
2.         You file a claim for unemployment benefits.
3.         Your claim is sent to a Claims Examiner.  That Claims Examiner reviews the facts that were provided by both you and your former employer.  The Claims Examiner then issues a Determination letter that either informs that you are legally eligible for Unemployment Benefits or you are denied those benefits
4.         If you are denied benefits then you can file an appeal to the Hearing and Appeals Division.  You have fifteen (15) calendar days to file a further appeal.  Contact the Unemployment Help Center below and we will do this for you. 
5.         Once your appeal is filed the next step is a Hearing before a Hearing Officer (Administrative Law Judge).  These hearings are usually conducted by telephone but they are very similar to a Courtroom Hearing you may have experienced or seen on television or in a movie.  Witnesses are placed under oath and asked questions about your employment history and, specifically, the reasons for separation from employment (fired, quit or laid off).     
This is what the Unemployment Help Center, Ltd. handles – we provide highly experienced representatives who will prepare you for your hearing and then attend the hearing with you.  We will present your testimony, make argument to the Hearing Officer and cross-examine the employer’s witnesses. 
This Hearing is a crucial step in the road to obtaining your Alabama Unemployment Benefits.  The hearing is held de novo.  This means that the Virginia Hearing Officer is not reviewing the Virginia Claim’s Examiner’s Decision, but rather listening and reading the facts as if for the first time and from the beginning.  Anything that the Virginia Claims Examiner found is not under consideration – you start fresh.  Contact us for complete details about what will happen during your hearing.
6.          Appeals to the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.  You (or your employer) can file a further appeal from the Virginia Hearing Officer’s decision to the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Board of Appeals.  The Virginia Unemployment Compensation Board of Appeals will review the record made before the Virginia Hearing Officer and issue a new decision.  This means the listen to (or read) the transcript of testimony to determine if there were errors of fact or law that would change the decision below. 
The Virginia Unemployment Board of Appeals may grant or deny your application for appeal.  In order for the appeal to be granted, the request for appeal must be complete and address specific points that were not thoroughly covered in the appeal with the Hearings Officer.  If your application for an appeal with the Board of Appeals is denied, you will be notified of the denial by certified mail.  If your application for appeal is granted, the Board may decide the case based on the record or they may schedule a hearing. 
7.         You may also file a further appeal to the circuit court in the county of the claimant’s residence.  This is outside the jurisdiction of the Alabama Unemployment Compensation Administrative process and you should consult with your local Bar Association at this point. 



Helpful Tips for Virginia Claimants - Unemployment Claims


1. Keep a record of who you speak with at the Virginia Unemployment  - names are important


2. Check and then double check all of your information - your mistake might cost you time and a delay in unemployment benefits





Separation qualificationEven though you may have enough earnings to qualify, there are circumstances that may prevent you from receiving unemployment benefits. If you are separated for any reason other than lack of work, it will be necessary to gather facts from you and your employer concerning your separation. Your employer will be sent a questionnaire requesting information concerning your employment and seperation. You will be called by a VEC deputy and be given an opportunity to present your information and review that of your employer. The deputy will make a determination regarding your qualification based on the separation information presented. You will be disqualified if the deputy determines that you quit your job without good cause, or you were fired from your job for misconduct in connection with your work. You and your employer have the right to appeal the deputy’s determination if either of you disagrees with the results.

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RICHMOND—Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was little changed in July, with a 

slight 0.1 percentage point increase to 5.4 percent. However, July’s increase is the third consecutive 
monthly increase in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, which increased by 0.2 percentage 
point in both May and June. Once again the labor force contracted (-23,795), as the drop in household 
employment (-26,997) exceeded the increase in those seeking work (+3,202). Nonetheless, the July 2014
unemployment rate of 5.4 percent was 0.3 percentage point below the year-ago July rate of 5.7 percent, 
with the labor force and household employment above a year ago and the number of unemployed below 
a year ago. Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues below the national rate, which 
also increased 0.1 percentage point this month to 6.2 percent.
Virginia’s seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment increased by 13,300 jobs in July to a total 
of 3,788,200. June’s total nonfarm employment was revised upward by 4,900 jobs for a monthly gain of 
9,000 jobs instead of the 4,100 job gain first reported. July’s increase in total nonfarm employment to 
3,788,200 was the second consecutive monthly increase and brought total nonfarm employment within 
3,700 jobs of the April 2008 pre-recession peak of 3,791,900 jobs. In July, private sector employment 
increased by 11,300 jobs, while public sector payrolls increased by 2,000 jobs.