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March, 2017
Ralph P., Florida

Having a a former judge represent me at my Unemployment Hearing made a big difference, I was able to get all the money owed to me. Very Happy with the services.

March, 2017

My representative too the time that my case needed. I was fired and my boss showed up an lied about why - the UC Help Center was able to show that he was lying and I won my case. Great Job!

April, 2017

Thank you for all th ehard work at my Appeal. You knew exactly what to say this made it easy for me . Ohio reversed the decision and I am getting my benefits.

January, 2016
Paul G. from Atlanta, GA wrote:

I was very pleased with the services I received. The fees were low and they won my case. Call them or email them or whatever right way.

March, 2016
Sandy, Sacramento, CA

Thank you, thank you thank you, to the Unemployment Help Center. I was scared and alone, my representative really took on my employer and she asked all the right questions. We won and I got all my benefits from the EDD

March, 2016
David wrote to us:

You really did a great job. I am telling everyone how pleased I was with this service. My benefits arrived today and I am jumping for joy! Thank you. David, Las Vegas, Nevada

April, 2016
Scott from Allentown, PA

I quit my job and everyone told me there was no way I could collect my unemployment. I worked for almost 20 years with this company and they were gonna deny my benefits. I fought them and the UC Help Center was there for me. I collected almost $13,000.00 and now I am working again. Thank you very much for all your help.

May, 2016
Barb from Salem, Oregon wrote:

I filled out the form on the website and was contacted by a representative. After my appeal I felt so much better and we were prepared. My decision just came in the mail and I won.

July, 2015
Larry A. from Florida

Just got my decision in the mail. We won on appeal. The Judge denied me and then the UC Help Center wrote a Brief on appeal that won my case. I am gonna get all my benefit money and I really need it. Hire these people if you have an unemployment case.

June, 2015
Judith W., Pennsylvania

After a long hearing the Judge ruled in my favor. Thank you Unemployment Help Center I could never have won without your help.

May, 2015
Stephen H., Los Angeles, CA

I wish to thank the Unemployment Help Center, Ltd. for all the work they did for me. I won my California Unemployment Appeal and their service is the reason why. I am getting ALL my benefits.

March, 2015
Frank, Reno Nevada

I WON! Thank you to the UC Help Center I was able to have the decision overturned and I WON

February, 2015
Rosemary, Sacramento, California

After a long fight and an appeal to the California Unemployment Board the Unemployment Help Center, Ltd. wrote a brief for me. That Brief got me my benefits. I am collecting finally. Well worth hiring

December, 2014
Robert M., Louisville, Kentucky

I was told by everyone that i could not get my unemployment benefits. Hired the UC Help Center and just received EVERYTHING!

November, 2014
Ms. Mary K., Augusta Georgia:

“Thank you for winning my case. I almost gave up but with your help I now have money to continue to look for a new job.

And now I have an interview with a new employer!

August 21, 2014 Marta, Columbus, Ohio

I was do happy tp have a professional representative win my Ohio Unemployment Hearing! Just got all my checks and the year is saved for me

Please call the UC Help Center if you need help - I did and won my case

July 25, 2014
Susan, Texas  

All my friends told me there was no way I could collect my benefits.  Thanks to the Unemployment Help Center I was able to win my hearing.  Proved to everyone that I did nothing wrong.

July 14, 2014
Tim, Virginia 

Just got my decision - REVERSED I am eligible for benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am so happy - almost $9,000.00 in back benefits will really help me and my family.  Thank you Unemployment Help Center.

January 19, 20145
Vincent, Washington State 

I highly recommend the Unemployment Help Center if you need to collect the unemployment benefits.  I had another attorney represent me at my hearing and lost.  I had the Unemployment Help Center appeal for me and they won my case.  Everyone told me that Washington Unemployment is impossible to collect so I am very happy with my results.

December 20, 2013
Steven Nevada

My hearings specialist was a blessing.  She prepared me for exactly what happened.  All my friends said I could not win my case  - but I did. Thank you all very very much 

October 30, 2013
Mary, California

I was so happy to have your office represent me at my EDD Hearing - my employer showed up with the whole office and their attorney (who is an ASS!!!!!).  You tore into their evidence and fought hard - just got my 1st check and it is a Godsend.  I could never have won my hearing without your help.

Thank you so much  

September 14, 2013
Steve (Denver Colorado)

The UC Help Center won my case.  They won for me.  I recommend that anyone fighting their unemployment contact them.  They win and I got my money

August, 1 2013
Frederick, Florida

Good Afternoon, I just wanted to thank you for assisting me in my unemployment hearing appeal that occurred on 6/5/2013.

My representative was worth every penny, she fought my case with determination and sheer prowess. I don't think I would have stood a chance without her as I wasn't aware that my ex employee had also decided to bring their legal team along. They tried to play dirty and had submitted their so called evidence within hours of the actual hearing date and time.  Pretty nerve wrecking to say the least. My representative discussed the so called evidence that my ex employer had submitted and felt confident that  we could continue without adjournment which we did.

Again, thanks so much a true underdogs advocate your firm is.

Lydia, Nebraska 

I was very happy to have won a difficult case.  I thought there was no hope for me but you took the time and made the effort to get me my benefits.  Thank you so very much.

I will recommend you to everyone I know 

Delayna Downs

Thank you very much for introducing me to my Unemployment Representative.  She has been very helpful to me during my unemployment situation/hearing. She is a wealth of knowledge and so professional.  The prepping conversations were a tremendous help for me. At this point, I do not even know the outcome of my unemployment case, but after Mrs. Hawkins assistance on the hearing calls…it does not matter.

She was for me and very helpful. When people are going thru difficult times, it feels awesome to know someone understands, represents you well and delivers. She did just that for me. I would recommend her and this GREAT company to everyone! I’m very much pleased with the services. I could not have asked for anything better.

Your help and support during this difficult time was greatly appreciated. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am appreciative.

Respectfully Yours.

Claudia, Nebraska 

I was such a mess after being fired unjustly and then having my work deny my unemployment benefits.  The unemployment help center made it easy  - they did everything and now i am collecting the full amount

I highly recommend them to everyone 

Josie, Florida 

I was really happy with the services I got.  Everything was easy once my rep got rolling on my employer.  I was fired and it was wrong but I won my hearing.  Thank you for everything  - and thank you for getting me my unemployment money

Ralph, Columbus, Ohio

I was so relieved once I hired the Unemployment Help Center.  The representative listened to my case, asked some good questions and handled everything for me.  The hearing was rough, my employer showed up with their attorney and I thought I was done for.

My unemployment representative was aggressive and smart.  He asked questions that I would have never thought to and we WON!  I am so very happy and glad I used this service. 

I highly recommend the Unemployment Help Center to anyone who wants to collect their unemployment

Dana, Florida 

Thank you for preparing me for my hearing.  I knew what to say and how to say it.  You made it easy and that was great.  Just got the news, I am qualified for Florida unemployment benefits

Kathy, Washington

It appears that we won my appeal yesterday and I have give my representative the highest praise for the assistance he offered. I could not have done it without him and wish he were handling all aspects of my case. Can I put this recommendation on Angie's list? Just wanted to check with you before doing so. This is a service that every unemployed worker needs. Do you have a pro Bono account we could contribute to? I would love to pass this service on to someone that cannot afford it. Thanks again

Fran, Pennsylvania

Thank You , you did a super job representing me. If you ever need a reference please fell free to contact me.

The Unemployment Help Center represented me on an appeal to the California Unemployment Board.  They wrote me a fabulous brief and I was excited when I read the decision being reversed.

Diana, California

I can't thank you enough for helping me. I will refer to you when needed. :)

John, Pennsylvania

Hey guys, I just got the decision in the mail Thank you for your help and your on the referral list to anyone who asks me for one Once again thanks for all your help

Debbie, Florida

My advocate was simply amazing - she really knew the ins and outs of Florida Unemployment Hearings. She was a former judge so she let me know what I had to do and say to win.  Thanks so much and I am sooooo happy that I won my case!