The Unemployment Help Center is now serving claimants and employers in Nebraska. We have been winning our cases and decisions in the Husker State.  While it is always vital to have professional representation to win your hearing it is even more paramount in Nebraska.


            Nebraska hearings are limited to one hour and there is zero tolerance for irrelevant testimony. This means your testimony must be precise and to the point. This fits right in at what we do best. For over twenty years we have been preparing our clients and witnesses to give testimony that is brief yet full of all the pertinent information needed to win your case. 



We are now offering Free Nebraska Unemployment Representation Consultations.  We will have a experienced  unemployment representative review the facts of your case with you and discuss your options.  There is no charge to discuss your case with us ever!  



The law of unemployment insurance is set forth in Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-601 to 48-671. The sections on benefits are 48-623 to 48-647. The law can be viewed online at by clicking on Laws, Forms & Publications.


How do I file an Nebraska Unemployment Appeal?

WE WILL FILE YOUR APPEAL AT NO CHARGE - Contact us using the form on this page 


Your appeal must be received at the Nebraska Claims Center within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the Notice of Adjudicator's Determination. You can file your appeal online at or in writing by mail or fax. If your appeal is in writing, you must state the reason you wish to appeal, include your signature, Social Security Number and employer's name, if applicable. It should be sent to the Nebraska Claims Center as shown on the Notice. There are two parties that may file an appeal regarding your unemployment benefits - you, the claimant or your former employer. Appeal hearings are free and a lawyer is not required, although you may be represented at your own expense. Hearings are conducted by telephone conference call or in person as determined by the Appeal Tribunal.

Note: You must continue to claim weekly benefits while your determination is under appeal. If you win your appeal and benefits are found payable, you will only be paid weeks claimed.