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The Commonwealth of Kentucky improves the online unemployment claim process.
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Individuals may file for Kentucky unemployment benefits through this link.  To file a claim, you will need:

Your social security number

Your complete mailing address

Name, address, and phone number for each
of your employers over the last 18 months.

The exact day you began work at each job.

The last day you worked at each job.

The Kentucky KEWES internet claims system is accessible for filing an Kentucky unemployment claim or requesting your bi-weekly check on-line. The system is available Monday through Friday  from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM Eastern Time. You cannot file a claim or request a bi-weekly check on Saturdays.

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits  - what is a disqualification? 
VOLUNTARY QUITS - A claimant may be disqualified from receiving benefits for the duration of his unemployment if he voluntarily quit his most recent or next most recent suitable work without good cause attributable to the employment. He must then work at least 10 weeks and earn 10 times his weekly benefit amount in covered employment to remove the disqualification. There is, however, an exception to the "voluntary quit" disqualification. A claimant who quits a job to accept another permanent job and is then laid off through no fault of his own before working 10 weeks in covered employment will not be disqualified. If otherwise eligible, the claimant will receive benefits, but the employer’s reserve account is not chargeable in such a situation.
WORK REFUSAL - A claimant will be disqualified for the duration of his unemployment if he refuses, without good cause, to accept an offer of suitable work or to apply for available work when so directed by employment services.
LABOR DISPUTE - A claimant will not receive benefits for any week of unemployment that is due to or is the result of a strike or other bonafide labor dispute in the establishment in which he is or was last employed. For the purpose of this disqualification, however, a lockout is not deemed to be a strike or labor dispute.
FRAUD - A claimant will be disqualified for not less than 12 nor more than 52 weeks if it is found that he knowingly made a false statement to establish his right to the amount of his benefits. Depending on the gravity of the offense, fraud cases may also be criminally prosecuted. Conviction in court may result in a fine or jail sentence or both.
MISCONDUCT - A claimant who has been discharged for misconduct from his most recent or next most recent work may be disqualified for the duration of his unemployment. KRS 341.370(6) states "discharge for misconduct" shall include, but not be limited to: Separation initiated by an employer for falsification of any employment application to obtain employment through subterfuge; knowing violation of a reasonable and uniformly enforced rule of an employer; unsatisfactory attendance if the worker cannot show good cause for absences or tardiness; damaging the employer’s property through gross negligence; refusing to obey reasonable instructions; reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs or consuming alcohol or drugs on employer’s premises during working hours; conduct endangering safety of self or coworkers; and, incarceration in jail following conviction of a misdemeanor or felony by a court of competent jurisdiction, which results in missing at least five (5) days of work.