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For over twenty years the Unemployment Help Center, Ltd. (Unemployment Compensation Help Center) has represented Claimants at administrative Unemployment Hearings and Appeals.  We help those individuals who have suddenly lost their employment do to no fault of their own.
Our service and philosophy coincide in this respect – we want to win your case and will do everything within our power to do just that.  Our track record is exemplary – we win most of our cases.  The reason we win is because we do not accept a case unless we feel that you have a very strong likelihood (give the facts surrounding your separation from employment) that you can, and will win.
We will handle every aspect of your unemployment case.  We can file your appeal, respond to an employer appeal, submit documents, subpoena witnesses and, of course, will attend your hearing.
Why have a representative?  Two reasons, first, this is a stressful and fast pace environment, experience counts.  We will help you think and act in a way that is designed to win your case.  We provide expert advice and hearing preparation so that when you start that hearing you will know just what you should, and should not do. We will be there with you as well handling all aspects of each hearing.  Secondly, the Administrative Law Judge (sometimes called Referees or Hearing Officers) appreciate those who take the time and effort to hire a professional.  it makes the hearings run smoothly and creates a favorable impression.  Again, we do not accept a case unless we feel we can win – the Judge knows that as well.
We look forward to helping you when you need help the most
Call, email or fax us – we will be there for you